Google Apps for Education Refreshers

Google Drive

Store everything in one place on the cloud. It’s accessible from anywhere on virtually any device and has collaboration features that can change the way your students interact digitally. Check it out!

Google Docs

Not only is Google Docs a fully functional word processing application, it takes learning to the next level with real-time collaboration, collaborative docs, and research tools.

Google Sheets

Spreadsheets, databases, data tables and more! Everything you could want in a spreadsheet program with the magic of real-time collaboration and editing.

Google Slides

Take presentations to a whole new level. Not only can you create popping presentations with Google Slides, the collaboration features can make presentations truly a group effort. Slides can also be used to create newsletters, documents, and ebooks as well. It’s a truly versatile tool!

Google Forms

Learn how Google Forms can transform assessment and gathering data in your classroom. From gathering information to creating self-graded assessments there are lots of ways to use Google Forms in the classroom.

Google Drawings

Get creative with Google Drawings. Drawings has tons of different applications in the classroom from graphic organizers to manipulative to digital posters and infographics. The only thing that’s limiting in Google Drawings is your own creativity!

Google Sites

Create your own website using Google Sites.

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