Five Easy Ways to Integrate Google Classroom Into Your Daily Routine: Part 4

Let’s face it. Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a tendency to be a bit of a control freak in all teachers. I think that’s part of why we were drawn to the job. Before we were teachers, we all had dreams of students sitting in perfect rows, listening enraptured to every word of wisdom we bestowed upon them.

While most of us know this isn’t the reality in an actual classroom, we still have habits that are hard to let go. One, in particular, may be one we can alleviate or avoid altogether. We are spending inordinate amounts of time creating resources for our students that, quite frankly, they can do themselves.

Let Students Do the Creating

So an easy way to incorporate Google Classroom into your daily routine and actually save yourself some time is to let the students create the resources for your assignment.

For example, let’s say you’ve close read two articles that compare and contrast a similar topic. You want students to complete a graphic organizer to organize their thinking on the articles.

Typically, the teacher would create a graphic organizer and push it out to the students. But wait, there’s a better way!

Scenario One: You Pick the Graphic Organizer

If students are to complete a VENN diagram, for example, there are several ways to tackle this where STUDENTS create the diagram. It begins with you pushing out a Google Classroom assignment WITHOUT an attachment. See the example below.


This is what the assignment will look like from the student side.

screenshot-classroom.google.com 2016-10-06 09-44-20.png

Scenario 2: Even Better, Let Students Pick

An even better version of this assignment would be to let STUDENTS pick the graphic organizer they want to use. I would also let them pick the app. They could use a Google Slides, Doc, or Drawings to design a t-chart, VENN diagram, Word Map, whatever graphic organizer worked for them.

Of course, this is just one example. How can you save time by having students create their own resources for your assignments in your class or content area?


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