Five Easy Ways to Integrate Google Classroom into Your Daily Routine: Part 5

We’re finally at part five of “Five Easy Ways to Integrate Google Classroom into Your Daily Routine”. I hope the series has been beneficial in beginning your journey with Classroom. Today’s topic is feedback.

Give (and Get) Feedback

All teachers know that authentic and timely feedback is crucial to the learning process. But there are several barriers that sometimes keep us from giving students timely feedback. By using the right comments for the right time in Google Classroom, you can give students feedback AND save time.

Step One: Know Your Types of Comments

There are three ways to give feedback to students in Classroom:

Leave a Public Comment: This is meant for the whole class. Usually, this is OUTSIDE of the assignment on the stream. See example below.


Leave a Private Comment: Private comments are to individual students only. You do this INSIDE of the assignment. This is good for reminders, or for general feedback about the assignment. Inside of the assignment, click on the student’s name and then add a private comment at the bottom.

screenshot-classroom.google.com 2016-10-06 10-01-45.png

Add Comment on a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing: For the most specific feedback, you’ll want to add a comment on the student’s specific Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing. This will be the most directed feedback. Don’t forget to spend some time in class for students to look at and respond to your feedback as well.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2016-10-06 10-27-36.png

Alice Keeler also has an example of an assignment that asks students JUST to leave a private comment. No documents to open. Just a conversation between you and individual students. Check out her blog post here.

How can you utilize the feedback options in Google Classroom to give your students more feedback? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Five Easy Ways to Integrate Google Classroom into Your Daily Routine: Part 5

  1. We have been practicing commenting on discussion posts that relate to our daily readings, or another topic that might be relevant to the students at the time. Encouraging them to respond to at least one student’s comment is also helpful. Students seem to like the ability to private message me as well. I have received several interesting emails/comments from my third graders! It’s amazing how quickly they can catch on too!


  2. I like that you can let an individual student know what they need to do. Some need to have accommodations and the rest of the class may do it differently.


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