New Year and New PD Options

Welcome back for second semester and 2017! We’ve got a lot of great professional development opportunities to share with you this semester.

We are excited to welcome Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook to our district-wide eLearning Day on January 13. Stay tuned for more information by the end of this week.

New Format for Open Labs for Secondary Teachers

In an effort to promote more collaboration and to better use open lab time, Kande has restructured Open Lab for secondary teachers. If you’re a secondary teacher, read on! If you are an elementary teacher, skip to the next section.

This semester, Open Lab will feature a brand new format. Each session will be tailored to a specific subject area and will provide opportunities for teachers from the junior high and high school to learn, collaborate, and discuss technology integration in their classrooms.  Kande will highlight a quick Google Classroom tip specifically tailored for the content area as well. Check out the times and locations for the new Open Labs in the sidebar to the right.

Open Labs for Elementary Teachers

Jennifer will conduct Open Labs once a week on Thursdays at each of the elementary buildings. Check the sidebar to the right for locations. She will cover Google Classroom tips and tricks and answer any questions teachers may have.

Get Some Individualized Attention

As always, Jennifer and Kande are always available to consult with you one on one. Use the One on One scheduling option on the right or shoot us a quick email.


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