Google Classroom

Check Out the New Google Classroom Features

Google has released two new features that you are really going to love!

With the first feature, differentiation just got a lot easier. You can finally assign different Google Classroom assignments to individual or groups of students. When you create the assignment you’ll now see a drop down box next to the classes box. This allows you to create an assignment for individual students or groups of students. Simply check the names of the students you want to get the assignment and then assign.


The second feature is also something teachers have been asking for for a long time. Using assignments really streamlined the process of digital work, but if a student turned in work late, or resubmitted and assignment, the teacher had to keep going back to that assignment to check. There was no notification. As a result, a lot of teachers have turned off notifications because it was clogging up their inbox. Well, I have excellent news! You now get notifications of late work or resubmitted work. You’ll need your notifications ON to get these emails. However, don’t despair, I have a solution to Classroom email clogging up your inbox. Setting up a label for Google Classroom in Gmail and filtering the mail to that folder is so easy to do. It bypasses the inbox, goes straight to your label, and turns bold when there are new messages there. Then you can click on the label and look at it when you want. It’s super simple to do. I’ve created instructions in this Google Doc.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to meet with you one on one. Use the scheduler on the right (desktop version) or at the bottom of this page (tablet or phone version) or shoot me an email to sign up for a session. Have a great weekend!


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